DPF-SET 102/103

DPF-SET 102/103

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DPF cleaner and DPF flushing agent are chemical products specially developed for cleaning diesel particulate filters. The cleaner dissolves and removes deposits and contaminants in the DPF that affect the efficiency of the filter. These products help reduce the vehicle's particulate emissions and increase the efficiency of the DPF.

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is an important part of the exhaust system of diesel vehicles and has the task of filtering harmful particles from the exhaust gas. Over time, however, more and more particles accumulate in the DPF, reducing its effectiveness and causing the filter to clog.

Instead of replacing the DPF completely, however, it can be cleaned. A professional cleaning of the filter removes the accumulated particles and thus restores the full effectiveness of the filter. In addition, in most cases it is more cost-effective to clean the DPF than to replace it completely.

Therefore, it is advisable to clean the DPF regularly to maintain its performance and save costs at the same time.

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The use of DPF cleaners and DPF flushers can be both economical and environmentally friendly, as it is often more cost effective to clean or flush the DPF than to replace and discard it. A new diesel particulate filter can be very expensive and replacing the filter can incur additional labor and service costs. However, using a DPF cleaner or DPF flusher can be a more cost-effective alternative, as they can help extend the life of the filter and increase its efficiency. In addition, cleaning or flushing the filter is also more environmentally friendly than replacing and throwing it away. Disposing of a used DPF can have a negative impact on the environment because it is a material that is difficult to recycle and contains harmful chemicals. By using DPF cleaners and DPF flushing agents, you can reuse the DPF to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact.
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DPF-SET 102/103

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DPF-SET 102/103
DPF-SET 102/103
CHF 99.00