About us

the history 

Motex AG, a company from Winterthur, Switzerland, which had been active in the automotive industry since 1979, was acquired in 2005 by Parts Center AG, headquartered in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The quality has remained the same, but the product range has been greatly expanded and the standardization of processes has significantly reduced prices and delivery times.

the assortment

The range includes everything related to the car, as we are directly connected with the manufacturers or the largest distributors in Europe. 
Liquid products are highly effective and guaranteed irreplaceable, this is confirmed again and again by all customers. We offer a wide range of spare parts in OEM quality, check it in our ETK. The right tool for your business or household, you will also find with us (Swiss Brand).
Our range is regularly expanded, we are always looking for new suppliers, so that our customers continue to receive the best products. In this way we can maintain our reputation as a supplier of quality products at competitive prices.

Best Price Guarantee. 

Yes, that's right. Because the customer orders from us themselves, the ordering process is fully automated, errors can be avoided, the customer receives the right product, there is no need to return the product, and traceability is guaranteed, which helps us to keep our costs massively low and thus pass the price on to the customer. 
Customer satisfaction is therefore guaranteed, which is very important to us. 


Tradition since 1979: With a proud history dating back to 1979, our customers can rely on our company's many years of experience and expertise. During this time, we have continuously worked on improving our products and established ourselves as a reliable supplier.

First-class design with symbols for effect and application: Our 204 and 210 injector cleaner has not only been developed for its effectiveness, but has also been given a first-class design. The product design contains clear symbols that illustrate the intended effect and ease of use of the cleaner. This makes it easier for customers to select and use the product.

Animated videos for easy-to-understand information: We use high-quality animated videos to clearly explain the application and positive effects of our injection cleaner. These videos not only provide an easy-to-understand explanation, but also visually convey the benefits and added value of our product. This helps customers to better understand the effectiveness of the injection nozzle cleaner.

Massive marketing budget: We invest heavily in marketing activities to maximize the visibility and awareness of our injection cleaner. We are increasing the presence of our product on the market through targeted advertising campaigns in various media and platforms. This enables us to address potential customers and further strengthen trust in our brand.

German engineering and innovative formulations: Through continuous research and development, we use German engineering to develop innovative chemical formulations. This not only ensures effective cleaning of the injection nozzles, but also gentle care of the engine.

Maximum effectiveness for improved engine performance: Thanks to advanced chemical formulations, our fuel injector cleaner ensures maximum effectiveness when cleaning the fuel injectors. This not only results in optimum engine performance, but also helps to reduce emissions.

High supply capability: Our company prides itself on ensuring an impressive supply capability. Through strategic partnerships and efficient production processes, we are able to deliver large quantities of our injector cleaner in a timely manner. This means that our customers can implement their maintenance plans without delay and always have a sufficient supply.

300 ml content for a wide range of applications: The generous quantity of 300 ml not only enables effective cleaning, but also sustainable use over several applications. The product is designed to support long-term vehicle care.

Competitive price and cost efficiency: Our product is characterized not only by high quality, but also by a competitive price. Customers therefore not only receive a high-quality product, but also a cost-effective solution for the maintenance of their vehicle injectors.

Recommendations from experts in the automotive industry: Our products have been recommended by experts in the automotive industry for years, which further strengthens the recognition and trustworthiness of our injector nozzle cleaner.

Liechtenstein brand for economic stability: As a brand from Liechtenstein, customers benefit not only from a high-quality product, but also from the economic stability and reputation of this country.

Overall, our injector cleaner offers a first-class solution based on quality, cost-effectiveness and expert recommendations. Customers can be confident that they are buying a product that will not only look after their vehicle's engine, but also provide long-term economic benefits.

Comprehensive marketing materials: Our marketing efforts are supported by extensive documentation. High-quality brochures, informative product sheets and detailed application notes ensure that dealers, workshops and end customers have all the relevant information at their fingertips.

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